JMH to Introduce New Frame Cleaner Prototype

Continuous innovation is the engine of John M Henderson technology’s success – and more than 60 years of research and development in cokemaking established our position as worldwide leaders in coke oven machinery.

Zero Emission Coke Oven Doors has been one of JMH's commitments to customers all over the world. This is why we invented the Water Jet Door Cleaner back in the ‘70s and installed more than 100 of them worldwide.

The engineering team at John M Henderson have developed a new Frame Cleaner technology for Tata Steel Port Talbot 6.3m Coke Oven Battery in UK. The plant is confronting maintenance and performances problems with their existing Frame Cleaner. JMH were asked to develop a Frame Cleaner to answer these particular issues and to complement the performance of the Water Jet Door Cleaner towards a Zero Emission Coke Oven Doors.

The new Frame Cleaner is a Machine Mounted assembly, designed to travel the full length of the frame and to perform to the highest level of frame cleaning efficiency. The innovative feature of the machine is the great flexibility in counteracting the door frame variation, thus solving one key issue in frame cleaning: the frame misalignment. It incorporates fewer blades and it is easier to maintain than a standard cleaner. The design for the new assembly is completed and the prototype is expected to be tested and installed on site later this year.

Frame Cleaner Prototype
Pictured: 3D Model of the Frame Cleaner Prototype



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