JMH Blog Entries

  • JMH Coke Oven Machinery Expert Inspections at Tata Steel coke plants

    Mon 06 Jun, 2016

    The JMH Inspection team has recently completed an Expert Inspection at Tata Steel, Morfa Coke Ovens in Port Talbot and another on-site Inspection is currently ongoing at Tata Steel (now British Steel) in Scunthorpe, Appleby Coke Ovens. JMH Expert Inspection at Morfa Coke Ovens John M Henderson have recently launched ...

  • New: Exclusive videos of the JMH Door and Frame Cleaners

    Fri 27 Mar, 2015

    Efficient Door Cleaning is essential for achieving emission-free doors and smooth door operations. The JMH Water Jet Door Cleaner is the Best Available Technology for cleaning coke oven doors. It delivers high cleaning performance and enables effective door seals protection and low annual maintenance. Used together with our newly developed ...

  • JMH Water Jet Door Cleaning Technology: How it all started

    Mon 06 Oct, 2014

    It began almost forty years ago, when we saw the opportunity to develop an innovative way of cleaning coke oven doors. No company had committed before to using water jet technology on a coke battery, but our engineers realized the tremendous advantages of this solution over the conventional cleaner.

  • New Coke Oven Machinery Brochure Now Available

    Tue 24 Jul, 2012

    We have developed new corporate brochures to provide more details of John M Henderson’s capabilities in Engineering and Control Systems Design, Fabrication, Machining, Fitting, Assembly and Installation for different world-wide markets:John M Henderson Coke Oven Machinery Brochure (pdf)John M Henderson Complete Manufacturing Services for the Oil and Gas industry (pdf)All ...

  • Monckton Machine in Hot Operation

    Thu 12 Jul, 2012

    The Integrated Coke Guide and Hood System for Monckton Coke and Chemicals is completed and the machine entered into hot production at the end of March. The System is now in operation 24 hours per day at the Royston site in South Yorkshire. 

  • Italiana Coke Transfer Car Nears Completion

    Fri 15 Jun, 2012

    The Italiana Coke Transfer Car is being assembled at the client’s site near Genoa in Italy and the machine is expected to commence Cold Commissioning in August. A team from Italiana Coke came to Arbroath to witness the complete assembly of the machine, prior to the Transfer Car being shipped ...

  • Monckton Grit Arrestment System Close to Commissioning

    Fri 16 Dec, 2011

    The Integrated Coke Guide and Hood Machine for Monckton Coke and Chemicals is getting closer to the final commissioning stage. “The Monckton Coke project is progressing really well”, says Brian Nicoll, the Project Manager, “with the mechanical and electrical installation finished and the hydraulic installation to be completed by the ...

  • Monckton Grit Arrestment System Undergoing FAT

    Tue 04 Oct, 2011

    The Integrated Coke Guide and Hood Machine for Monckton Coke and Chemicals is currently at the factory assembly stage. “The Monckton Coke project is progressing very well”, says Brian Nicoll, the project manager, “and we will be shipping the machine to site towards the end of the month. The project ...

  • JMH to Introduce New Frame Cleaner Prototype

    Mon 16 May, 2011

    Continuous innovation is the engine of John M Henderson technology’s success – and more than 60 years of research and development in cokemaking established our position as worldwide leaders in coke oven machinery. Zero Emission Coke Oven Doors has been one of JMH's commitments to customers all over the world. ...